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Why are so many construction projects in distress?

ZDSL QS’s have been seconded to various construction projects in distress across diverse sectors from mission critical projects (Data Centres) to infrastructure projects.

The following are common traits on distressed projects:

  • Poor Commercial discipline
  • Inadequate commercial resources
  • Weak commercial expertise

What do we mean by poor commercial discipline, the contract is not administered correctly, Change management process is incorrectly executed or in most cases not in place. A tool/process to manage risk is not in place, obviously risk feeds into change management. In ZDSL all our QS’s use the EWN process to manage risk effectively by initiating risk reduction meetings with all key stakeholders required.

Inadequate commercial resources is a result of not having the required QS’s on the project. ZDSL can provide your organisation with the right QS to support your project.

Weak commercial expertise is when the commercial team do not have the right experience to deliver a complex project. ZDSL QS’s have delivered multiple complex project from Luxury multi use residential projects, pharmaceutical projects and mission critical projects. All our QS’s have the right skill sets and experience to deliver complex projects. They all understand that building the right tools and process from the start of the project ensures excellent performance from KPI perspective.

Our cost management/quantity surveying expertise include

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